Arches to arches was a group university project where we were expected to respond in some way to a location given to us.
We were given Deptford market yard, a commercial space created out of a series of victorian railway arches, and decided to explore the history of the location and how it came to be the way it is today.
We settled on creating an audiovisual experience that showed the history and context of the location to the viewer. I was responsible for the visual aspect and I chose to use relatively simple imagery to provide a visual counterpart to the script and sound effects.
The material of the location was also a very important aspect of the project, so we decided to project directly onto the bricks of the arch and this informed the style I used. The white lines depicted the personified narrative we developed about the arch while still allowing the architecture to speak for itself. As it was a very short project, only taking place over two weeks, the simple style also enabled us to pack in as much information as we could while keeping it looking clean and professional. 

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